WP, Jou lekker ding!
Tuesday, 23 Jun 2009

Superbru Currie Cup is LIVE!

Attention all Bloggers, the Superbru Currie Cup game has gone live.  Please direct your browser to the following address:  http://www.superbru.com/curriecup


Our pool code is:      nookskis

The pool name is:    WP Jou Lekker Ding 2009


The game kicks off in two weeks time, so please go register your details there.  If you have played the game before your details should be recognised and all you have to do is join our league.


Registration is only open to bloggers from this website as last year we had some players in the league who might have infiltrated from elsewhere.


The league is free to join.  The only requirement is a valid email address, which you need anyway to be able to post on here.


The game is a simple to understand and easy to use.  It is a pick-the-score type game. 


Each player (blogger) has to predict:

            1.) The game outcome (team 1 win, draw or team 2 win) and 

            2.) The margin of victory (i.e. score difference). 


For example: WP to klap the Bulls by 35 points.  A full point is allocated by SuperBru if players get the score spot on and half a point if the prediction is within a 5 point range of the actual score and there are bonus point allocations too.


PRIZES:  The BM has been really generous with the prizes so far.  In the first season Nam_storm won a Stormers flag signed by the squad.  Provvas won a limited edition Stormers jersey this year.  You can post any suggestions for prizes here and the BM will let us know what it will be.  Please remember though that the bloggers live all across the world so the prizes have to be able to be sent via post.  Any ideas are welcome.


If there is enough interest we will have a report back each week on the results under the Grand Stand section.


Note: The Superbru Fantasy League game is not affiliated with, and is independent from www.wprugby.com. WP Rugby cannot accept responsibility for anything that happens on the Superbru site or in the Superbru Fantasy League.  This is merely another opportunity for you to strengthen your loyalty to the WP brand!


Gotta love it! Vodacom WP advert (2007 season)



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BM, What a cool pic!

Come on guys sign up and see if you can lift Provvas off his throne.

oki doki, let me get signed up...

My fave wall paper is the jersey with the writing (it's not my jersey has it's own shelf, it's not because the dog's name is Breyton... it's because it's on my blood)

And as for the ladies bit... you would not believe how many guys try to chat you up at Newlands

Western Province

I hope you can make me feel happy, by that I mean to bring the Currie Cup back to Newlands, don't you think it is time?

To just let you know I am a Province fan right here in the North West area.

Rassie please help us to win again, I am a very proud Western Province fan. Willem you are one of my hero's and I know it is just a matter of time before you will get that Springbok jersey, just keep on with the good work.

Enjoy yourself Western Province
From a fanatical fan

Can't wait for the meet and greet!!!!!!!

This place is dead....

Like seriously people... I got a new WP top and I get to go to the meet and greet... We should be happy!

Sarah, my dog's name is Percy

That's so cool! See that's being a fan!

I want a dog called Percy...
What kind of dog?

Hey my name is up there again!

Like seriously people... I got a new WP top and I get to go to the meet and greet... We should be happy!

*An appreciation of learning, is a study in good faith.

*Above all, serve the truth. Above all, serve every being.

*Farmers are busy in this season. Autumn Maple leaves redden, it's very beautiful, but other leaves are yellow.

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